Intrinsic Value: The value of something independent of its value to anyone or anything else.

In other words: It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, does or looks like. You are valued, important, and beautiful simply because you exist!

Every single human being should feel this to his or her core! It is a truth that cannot be erased, but can be forgotten or ignored. My goal is to help each person feel that sense of self worth and beauty. My tool to accomplish this essential objective is photography. When you schedule a senior session with me, you are not just having your picture taken. You are embarking on a journey of self discovery and learning to love the person looking back at you from the mirror. What's that? You are already there? Wonderful! Let's save a piece of this moment forever to remember. This is a once in a lifetime experience. Let's face it, when else in life will it be socially acceptable to spend an entire day getting all made up and gushed over for hours? Maybe at your wedding, but then you're not the ONLY subject of attention. ;)

Here is what to expect:

Preconsultation & Scheduling: The preconsultation is a no-pressure, no-obligation meeting. I want to meet you face to face and learn all about what is important to you, your likes and dislikes, and get a good feel for the right direction for your session. If you feel we are a good match, then you schedule your session and wardrobe consultation. The session fee is due at the time of scheduling to hold your date and time. *I understand you are extremely busy, and if meeting in person is simply not feasible at this point, we can conduct the preconsultation via phone.

Wardrobe Consultation: You get to present your own personal fashion show! I will go through all of your outfits with you that you're considering using in your session. We'll discuss lighting, weather, colors, fit, etc to help you choose the best look for you. The most important thing is that you feel genuine in the way you are presenting yourself. I will help you find the right looks that honor your true self, which will help you feel confident and gorgeous!

Your Session: Each Senior Session includes professional make-up by my carefully selected Make-Up Artist, Melissa Rios. You arrive with your hair done and wearing your first outfit. (You'll bring as many wardrobe changes as you like). We'll give you a professional make-up experience based on your preference. (Natural, Day Out, Glam) Now the real fun begins! For up to two hours you get to be the star! I know you feel a little uncomfortable in front of a camera. Most people do. Don't worry! I will help you know exactly what to do and before you know it you'll be laughing and relaxed and having the time of your life!

Your Premiere & Ordering Session: Generally within two weeks, we will have another face to face meeting where you will get to see all of your photos from your session! We'll take our time looking, ooh'ing and aah'ing, visiting, sharing laughs reminiscing, and being amazed at how beautiful that person is in those photos! We'll help you choose your favorite images from your session and this is when you get to choose exactly how you want to keep and display your images. You will place your order for whichever products fit your needs. Payment is due when you order.

Delivery Day! Usually 2-3 weeks from when you order, your commissioned artwork will be ready for delivery! For those who are local, I will hand deliver. (Totally for selfish reasons, I LOVE being there when you unwrap your package and seeing the look on your face!) For those who live farther away, I am happy to ship directly to you.